Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Project One Idea

Project One Idea- EMF Detector

For Project One I thought of creating an EMF Arduino Detector. The purpose of this device would be to detect electromagnetic frequency levels in the area. Stronger energy currents would result in higher readings on the device. EMF would be detected through one or more antennae attached the device. The readings would be shown on an LCD  screen in a digital form or the LEDs would light up. The device would be black, white, blue or red in which I attached the designs below. 

  • Mini On/Off Power Button/Push Button Switch -$ 0.95
  • 1x 101-100 ohm Square Soft Touch T18 Potentiometer-Blue- $ 0.50
  • 1x Large Enclosed Piezo Element w/Wires -$ 0.95
  • 11x 100ohm resistors-$0.10
  • 1x solid wire (antennae)- $0.10
  • Various Stranded Wires (different colors) -$0.30
  • Diffused Red and Green Indicator LED 18mm Round- $1.50 
  • (Other Option LED)- LED Assortment, 5mm, 20each Red, Green, Yellow, Blue & White- $ 2.95

Example of Circuited Board, Sketches and Completed Examples

Other Information

  • The detector would require baseline readings under the same conditions in order to prove accurate. 
  • EMF detectors are highly sensitive to motion.
  • Those who are hypersensitive to EMF may display whole host of physical, mental and emotional symptoms that could be confused with paranormal activity. 
  • EMF can also cause sleep disturbances which also relates to paranormal activity.  

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